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Though we were unfashionably late to discover the wonder that is Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras, we’re making up for it now by eating through tubs of the stuff at breakneck speed. Ignore for a moment the cringe-worthy name—the brand isn’t trying to replace the real thing for ardent fans (like us) of goose and duck liver foie—and focus instead on the rich, dense texture and intense flavor. The nutty taste you detect reveals Faux Gras’ main ingredients: toasted lentils and walnuts, which get a boost from miso paste, tamari, ume plum vinegar and slowly caramelized onions. Smeared on a cracker, it’s snacking perfection. Now at about one dollar an ounce, the stuff, much like its namesake, don’t come cheap, but considering that it is also much healthier (zero cholesterol here), we consider it a worthy splurge. Will it replace our foie gras? Never. Ever. But, as it turns out, we have room in our hearts, and bellies, for both.

Available at and Whole Foods


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