Issue 6 - Fall / Winter 2015

The sixth edition of Gather is all about Magic. Inside, you will find food that instantly astonishes and dishes with a power that is more innate.

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Issue 5 - Spring / Summer 2014

The Spring/ Summer 2014 desert issue of Gather uses the word “Caravan” as its guide. Inside, you will find an array of recipes that bear the imprints of deserts near and far.


Issue 4 - Fall / Winter 2014

The fourth edition of Gather takes its cues from the word Cocoon. You’ll find recipes that impart a warm, cozy, and, well, cocoon-like feeling, and ones that visually mimic its wrapped and bundled form.

Rough Cut

Issue 3 - Spring / Summer 2013


Issue 2 - Fall / Winter 2013


Issue 1 - Summer 2012