Issue 4 - Fall / Winter 2014

The fourth edition of Gather takes its cues from the word Cocoon. You’ll find recipes that impart a warm, cozy, and, well, cocoon-like feeling, and ones that visually mimic its wrapped and bundled form.

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Rough Cut

Issue 3 - Spring / Summer 2013

For the third edition of Gather, the “Rough Cut” issue, we focus our attention on film, specifically, our favorite summer movies. And the recipes we created to evoke them are, like those films, meant to be something you will want to revisit again and again.


Issue 2 - Fall / Winter 2013

In this, the second edition of Gather Journal, you will find every embodiment of the word “Traces.” There are recipes that have traces of family history, having been carefully shepherded through generations, recipes with elegant visual traces, and recipes that leave traces of their own presence behind.


Issue 1 - Summer 2012