A La Mode

The Eighth Wonder

November 18, 2012



You could say my mother wasn’t a Hostess fan; in fact, she probably, if asked, wouldn’t have a clue what it even was. We had little in the way of packaged food in my house so that meant none of the iconic American brand’s amusingly-named sweet treats. No Twinkies, no Ho-Ho’s, and no, no Ding Dongs either. But it wasn’t any of those Hostess products that captured my fancy as a child; I only had eyes for Wonder bread. Those perfect snow-white slices that bore little resemblance to the crusty Italian loaves in our pantry, there was no envelope more absolutely ideal for a Fluffernutter sandwich. And the name always seemed particularly apropos; its spongey, light-as-air, decidedly un-bread-like consistency was truly wondrous. Now with the original Hostess with the mostess heading towards liquidation after a bakers strike, the brand, and my beloved faux bread’s, future is at risk unless some company swoops in and saves them. We can only hope, for the sake of all our future adult Fluffernutter cravings, that someone does. FIORELLA V.

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