Hand Soap Stars

December 20, 2012



I’m a sucker for fancy soap. The exquisitely-packaged bar variety are a serious shopping weakness for me, and so too are their liquid counterparts, one is always perched in the kitchen, another beside the bathroom sink ready for all my obsessive hand-washing rituals. Favoritism definitely happens. Here, the ones currently topping my home suds list. FIORELLA V


Tocca Sapone da Mano

I was never a fan of their clothes, but their home scents (everything from candles to delicates wash) have always been exquisite. The Sapone da Mano from their Casa collection is no exception; I’m particularly fond of the Cleopatra scent, a clean, bright blend of grapefruit and cucumber.

$18, see tocca.com



Method Kitchen Hand Wash

There’s a reason Method qualifies this soap as a kitchen variety; it is exceedingly effective at obliterating cooking smells like garlic or grease from your hands. The lemongrass variety is particularly nice in a non-cloying sort of way.

$5, see methodhome.com



Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Hand Soap

The now ubiquitous brand makes my ahem, hands down favorite, holiday variety. Their Iowa Pine manages to be seasonal, but not so much so that it doesn’t still appeal come February and March.

$4, see mrsmeyers.com



Eau D’Italie Liquid Soap

I adore their perfumes and their first foray into hand soap does have a heady fragrance feel to it that lingers on the skin. Thankfully the scent is quite refined; so too is the cool graphic bottle.

$38, lafco.com



Caldrea Hand Soap

The right kind of minty scent—a wild palmarosa mint to be precise, that smells far more like the garden, not toothpasty variety—in a lovely printed glass (fancy!) bottle.

$18, see caldrea.com

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