Photograph by Bill Phelps Food Styling by Maggie Ruggiero Prop Styling by Theo Vamvounakis

Homemade Squid Ink Pasta

Mains from Issue 2 – Fall / Winter 2013 – Traces

For those who prefer their squid ink pasta to be of the handmade, not out-of-the-box variety, we present this from-scratch method. Ideally accompanied by the slick squid ink sauce featured in Traces, our Fall/Winter 2013 issue.

serves 4

  • 3 large eggs
  • 2 large egg yolks
  • 2 Tbsp squid ink
  • 3 ¼ cups cups all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting

  • 1

    In a small bowl, whisk eggs, yolks and ink until smooth. Mound flour on a work surface and make a deep, wide well then pour egg mixture into well. Using a fork, start incorporating flour a little at a time, working your way from the inside of well towards the outside. When a lumpy dough starts to form, continue to slowly incorporate flour using the tips of your fingers.

  • 2

    Once a rough ball has been formed, knead until most of the flour has been incorporated and you have a smooth, firm dough, about 10 minutes. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap and rest for 30 minutes. (There will be some unused flour.)

  • 3

    Cut dough into 4 pieces. Working with one piece at a time (keeping remaining dough well-covered), flatten dough to about ½”-thick then roll through a pasta roller on its widest setting. Fold dough in thirds like a letter and roll again. Repeat this five or six times until you have a clean, smooth dough. If it feels at all sticky, lightly dust with flour. Then, roll dough through each setting, progressing from widest setting, stopping just one setting short of the narrowest.

  • 4

    Cut pasta sheet into roughly 10″ pieces. Working one at a time, dust sheet with flour and fold it onto itself a couple of times to make a little stack and cut into ¼” ribbons. Toss ribbons with flour to prevent sticking and place on a baking sheet covered with a barely damp cloth. Repeat with remaining pieces of dough. If not using immediately, spread floured pasta out onto 2 baking sheets, wrap tightly with saran and refrigerate up to 8 hours.